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In June of 2019, some of our chickens fell ill with ILT, a contagious poultry virus. This virus does NOT pose any risk to humans or pets; only four species of poultry (chickens, turkeys, pheasants and guineas). Almost all our hens fully recovered from the infection, but some may still carry it, so all of our poultry was placed under lifelong quarantine by the Chief Veterinary Office of Manitoba. The other option was to have every single bird euthanized, healthy or sick, which is not a decision we could have lived with. We promise every animal that comes here that we will care for them to the best of our ability, for the rest of their natural life, unless their health/quality of life is suffering too greatly.

The Manitoba’s Chief Veterinary Office’s official recommendation is that any individuals (or their immediate family) who work with, own or care for poultry should not visit our farm. However, it is up to the individual to decide that for themselves. For more information regarding this quarantine, please contact the CVO at [email protected] or (204) 945-7684. Please also feel free to contact us directly at (204) 381-7766, or email [email protected], if you have any questions about our biosecurity protocols, safety measures, or the health of our animals.