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Welcome To 

Kismet Creek Farm

Who We Are

We are Karl, Raelle and Brady Schoenrock; a small family with big dreams of saving lives and changing the way people connect with animals. Our goal is to rescue farmed animals from neglect, abuse, and potential slaughter, providing them with security and quality lifelong care. We strive to foster compassion and respect for all species, while encouraging an appreciation of our natural world. We believe people are healthiest and happiest when they are enjoying the simple pleasures in life, and think quality family time should be affordable and accessible for all. We promote a cruelty-free lifestyle in an open, non-judgmental environment, and want everyone who visits our sanctuary to feel welcome.

Where We Are

The sanctuary is located just south of Steinbach, Manitoba, in the heart of the Canadian prairies. The property encompasses a total of eighty acres, and has been in Karl's family for decades. It has been an operating farm for over a century, and has seen many different incarnations. Prior to becoming a refuge for rescued farm animals, the land was used for free-range beef cattle.